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6 Important things you should know about your bathing.

6 Important thing you should know about your bathing

In India bathing is considered more likely a ritual than routine. if carried out properly bath energizes, relaxes the mind, eliminates fatigue, removes sweat, washes off dirt, and environmental toxins from the skin. However, the sad part is that almost 99% of the people take baths in the wrong way due to which they are unintentionally harming our body rather than getting its benefits. You may feel fresh after a bath, but your body might be suffering it. Bathing when done in a wrong way becomes the reason for dark circles, hair-fall, rough skin, weak immunity, weak digestion, lethargy, and even serious issues. Even if you want to know the right way of bathing so read this full article.

Hello guys Fitness Yodha here, bathing has always been awarded the status of the secret activities in India. Although it doesn't mean that we cannot take in whatever way we want to. In this article, I will share with you the six reasons you are bathing in the wrong way and the ways to fix it. Reading this article to the end you will have clear ideas so as to When? How? How many times you should take bath so that it can heal your body not harms it.

6. Bathing with hot water.
And:- This may be a shocker for someone of you but according to Ayurveda no matter what season it is a healthy person should never use hot water for bathing. Always take a cold water bath. And when I say cold water I do not mean ice-cooled water, normal tap running water. A hot water bath doesn't even heighten your body's senses but instead, it makes your body lethargic. The hot water bath may also become the reason for increased dark circles, weak digestion, low immunity, and stress. More so pour hot water on the head is seriously damaging your hair, head, and eyes. Doing so you are bound to face excessive hair fall and even serious health ailments like weak vision, brain disorder, etc. Only in serious health conditions like Arthritis- hot water can be used. Although if you are not able to get over this habit of hot water bathing then at least switch to mild lukewarm water. But in any case, pouring hot or warm water on the head and eyes is strictly prohibited.

6 Important thing you should know about your bathing

Now the ideal situation for bathing:-
If you are using cold water in bathing then pour water from head to toe. While if you are using mild lukewarm water in bathing then wash from down to up. No, it is not a superstition but it maintains proper blood flow avoiding any possibilities of a blood clot. So try to switch to cold water as it is the best way to energize you and your body early in the morning.

5. Bathing after a meal.
And:- Experiment on your body in two different ways. Take bath at the same time of the day.
On Day 1: Eat before your bath.
On Day 2: Eat after your bath.
Observe how you respond whether you feel any difference in the terms of hunger and digestions. Most likely you will feel better in the latter-day. This is because the process of digestion consumes a lot of energy and requires plenty of blood flow towards the stomach. But when you take bath right after a meal, the body temperature decreases. Now to maintain the temperature of the skin even the blood from the stomach is transported to the skin. As a result, your digestive process slows down, your intestine becomes weaker and you end up suffering from constipation and other stomach related issues. Avoid bathing after meals as it will definitely cause digestive disorders. If at all you have to take bath after a meal makes sure you have a gap of at least two hours.

4. Not massaging before bath
And:- Oil massage before the bath is one of the hidden secrets for an effective bath. When we massage our body with oil it easily attracts the microorganisms and toxins from our body and lets them came to the surface of the body and removes them successfully. No wonder we have traditionally in India bathing never started with water. It always ends up with it.

6 Important thing you should know about your bathing
A lot of stress has been given to the effectiveness of this practice in the classical Ayurveda text. However, considering the normal busy lifestyle it might not be very practical to carry out on this Daily basis. So at least I would suggest you do at least once a weak. Maybe on Sunday's. Personally, I do it every day. Trust me it is not difficult even spending just 2 mins before bath will serve the purpose and you will end up having a clearer, softer, and brighter skin. You can use coconut oil, mustard oil, or sesame oil for this.

3. Not removing dead skin:-
Ans:- Are you effectively removing the dead skin probably not. Even after washing and cleansing, there are many dead skins cell that even the best of the soap couldn't remove that. There are two important ways in which you can remove your dead skin cells from your body. Firstly use the scrubbers. I personally recommend you to use natural scrubbers. Not only it is biodegradable, eco-friendly but also is much cheaper than the plastic loofah. It is super easy to use as well. Just put soap on the body,  wet the loofah, remove extra water, then scrub against the body. Using it regularly increases the blood circulation and unclogs the skin pores.

Another mistake that many people do after bathing they very gently dry out their body with the towel. Actually, the towel should be the rub with slight pressure on the surface of the whole body. Doing these two things will remove the old layer helping the new cells to come up.

2. Wrong duration of bathing:-
And:- How much time do you spend on bathing. Are you the one who enters the bathroom opens the shower while hurriedly applies the soap then washes off and comes out running. Or you are the one who spends hours in the bathroom continuously splashing water over your body. I believe you should fall into any of the two categories. Bathing is not just meant to cleanse the physical body but also rejuvenate the mind and the soul. It should be carried out calmly purposefully. It is only then that one can reap its benefits out of it. Ancient text even suggests practicing deep breathing while bathing. Although it does not mean to spend to much water, pouring too much water, or applying excess soap, it eventually dries out the skin and makes it rough. Even bathing too many times a day is not mandatory. To bathe every day is compulsory. Once in the morning is ideal so that you can feel fresh energetic all day long.

6 Important thing you should know about your bathing
Stop Using Toxic Products
1. Using toxic products:-
Ans:- Which bathing soap, body wash, shower gel, shampoo do you use. Have you ever gone through the ingredients list of the products that you used while bathing? You will be shocked to know that over 95% of the Indian market has harsh chemicals like minerals oils, sulfates, parabens, silicons, artificial fragrances, and colors. They do more harm than good because we use these products on the daily basis, slowly their ingredient deep into the blood causing rough skin, hair-fall, dandruff, allergies, and sometimes deadly disease. So always read the ingredients before buying it. I personally recommend you to choose the products Which are 100% natural. Just this one habit can relieve your hair-fall and reduce your skin issues. Bathing is energizing, it is healing or purifying all you need to do both in the right way. If you are looking for toxin-free natural products.

Originally Written By- Fitness Yodha.

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