Prepare Your Own Spa at Home ... and Relax!

Prepare your own spa at home ... and relax!

Taking extra care of your body in a relaxed atmosphere is a pleasure. Do it at home as if you were in a real spa, and also vegan.

There are times when we need extra care. Although surely what we would like the most is to be able to approach an authentic spa, where everything is ready for us, surely it will not always be possible for us.

Prepare Your Own Spa at Home ... and Relax!

In these moments when the spas are closed due to the pandemic it certainly is not. So I propose that you set up the spa at home and do not give up that pleasure.


We may have to plan for it the first time. In addition to finding time and space, which even on quarantine days do not seem easy to find, we must have all the products ready.

  • What products do I need?

We may need a nourishing mask, which we don't use every day, or some bath salts. Or that we indulge ourselves with a bath bomb.

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Not all these products are always vegan, so we must inform us during your purchase that they are treatments made only with vegetable or mineral ingredients and with a cruelty-free policy.

You also have the option of preparing simple products with food from the pantry for the occasion.

  • Where and how do I set up the spa?

The room in which we usually recreate the spa is the bathroom, especially if we have a bathtub and one of our purposes is to take a relaxing bath. But it can also be the bedroom, where we do a self-massage and a facial. Don't be deterred by not having a bathtub!

However, if we do finally choose the bathroom, it is possible that the bathroom light is very white and powerful. To create a favorable atmosphere, it is very convenient to dim the light, either with a salt lamp or some soy wax candles.

Candles can be scented, but we must be careful to mix very different smells. For example, we can also use an essences diffuser, in harmony with the rest of the possible oils or essences that we are going to use. If what we are looking for is a relaxing effect, without a doubt, we will use the essence of lavender.

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  • Preparations that make a difference

It is a great idea to prepare a relaxing tea or infusion that comforts us and helps us get into a situation.

Also, have prepared a music playlist that helps us in our purpose: relax, get in a good mood, reconnect ... A soft musical background that accompanies us in the experience.

Do not forget to prepare a bathrobe or a towel, for example, made of soft bamboo fabric and pleasant to the touch, for when you get out of the bath or shower.

It is important that the feeling of comfort is fluid. It is a good time to forget the phone and let ourselves be carried away by relaxing music, enjoy our infusion, and transport ourselves with the smells to a well-deserved state of calm and tranquility.

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Whether you have a bathtub or not, these are the minimum cares that I suggest you to relax taking care of yourself:

  • An extra nutrient for the skin of the face

We start with the nourishing facial. It is about performing the usual nighttime ritual by adding a nourishing mask, which we will leave on during the bath.

  1. We clean the face well and remove makeup if necessary, and pat dry.
  2. When we have the skin ready, we apply a nourishing mask. We would do this step before getting into the bathtub or after getting out of the shower. And we can also take a comforting shower as a more sustainable option.
  3. With the hair tied back, it is time to put on a nourishing facial mask.

Make sure that its application is correct: it should not usually touch the area near the eyes or the eyelids, which are very sensitive. For these areas, it is convenient to use a suitable eye contour cream.

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  • Your moment of relaxation in the bathtub (or in bed)

In the case of having a bathtub, the most anticipated step comes: we prepare a bath according to our mood. The advantage of the bathtub is that we can add bath salts, bubbles, pearls, bombs, or oils. There are essential oil combinations that turn your bath into a therapeutic experience.

Check that the chosen products are vegan and with quality ingredients. In addition, it is convenient to know the needs of our skin and not make strange combinations. Pumps and bubbles are visually very attractive but they do not always bring us extra well-being.

If we do not have a bathtub and our option has been the shower, we will try to shower in a relaxed way and paying attention to our sensations. But above all, we can make sure to enjoy after a moment of calm and meditation in bed, with a blanket over it, candlelight, and pleasant and calming music.

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  • Exfoliate the body

Before getting out of the bathtub or shower, and if we deem it appropriate, we can take the opportunity to exfoliate our bodies. You can find recipes for natural and vegan scrubs to make at home here.

Once the body is exfoliated and, when we feel ready, we dry ourselves well and remove the mask with warm or cold water, using a clean face towel or cloth that we have for this purpose to dry.

  • Spend some time on your hands and feet

After a bath of these characteristics, it is the ideal time to treat our hands and feet with care. It will be much easier for us to trim the nails and deal with the cuticles. Remember that there are specific oils for the latter. You can even have your own hand scrub or cuticle oil prepared.

Remember that your feet also welcome a scrub from time to time and that it is very easy to prepare a specific scrub for feet with ingredients that you will probably have at home or that will be easy to get.

  • Extra hydration for the skin of the body

Let's not forget to hydrate the body. Although it is possible that depending on the option chosen we will already leave with good hydration of the bathtub, if it has not been the case or we have chosen a shower, it is appropriate that we apply a vegan nourishing and moisturizing cream or a vegetable shortening bar.

We can take the opportunity to give ourselves a self- massage on the legs or feet.

After your spa session at home, taking the rest of the day off would be ideal, but if you can't and have to get back into the routine, spend at least a few minutes before lying down (if you haven't already) and observing your sensations. Look at your breathing, the smells you give off, the relaxation of your body. And stick with it.


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